Vision and Purpose

The Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU) launched this website in February 2021, featuring a database of racial and ethnic diversity resources for the Christian higher education community and other interested readers. 

CCCU institutions care deeply about racial justice and racial reconciliation, and the CCCU seeks to support campus efforts to identify how racism has affected and shaped the work of Christian higher education. As we are faced with painful reminders of racism and racial disparity in our country, the CCCU is committed to facilitating ways for campus leaders to do what they do best: educate.

The resources featured on this website are intended to assist institutional leaders at Christian colleges and universities in facilitating learning and leading conversations. 

The CCCU believes that God desires his people to be reconciled with him and with each other. The history of the human race is replete with profound racial discord, in spite of substantial efforts to address it (as seen in the resources on this site). While the CCCU prioritizes programming on this topic (including diversity conferences, institutes, seminars, commissions, and publications), this database was developed to further the CCCU’s commitment to racial justice and racial reconciliation by providing materials to assist us all in better loving God and our neighbor.

This website features links to more than 120 resources, divided into eight different topical categories and also differentiated by practitioner level (on-ramp, emerging implementation, advanced practice). All of the content has been selected and vetted by the CCCU’s Commission on Diversity and Inclusion (you can view a full list of commissioners here), under the leadership of chair Dr. Sandra Richards Mayo, vice provost for inclusive excellence at Seattle Pacific University, and with the assistance of Dr. Carolyn Dirksen, professor emeritus at Lee University. The available resources on this topic are vast; the resources featured on this website were selected as possible starting points, but no inference should be taken from what was not included.

The materials housed on this site were intentionally culled from a variety of sources, including both faith-based and secular outlets, as we feel it is important to learn both from our community and from those outside of the Christian higher education community in order to gain a well-rounded understanding of the issues at play. Some of the resources offer a distinctly Christian perspective, while others do not, and we invite readers to engage in their own process of review and critique. Under God’s common grace to human kind, we hope you will be able to find pearls of wisdom for your particular work from the variety of resources provided.

This database is intended to function as an evolving collection of materials. Campuses or individuals who are interested in suggesting new resources for future consideration may do so via the embedded submission form on the bottom of the homepage. Submitted resources will be reviewed by the CCCU’s Commission on Diversity and Inclusion, and the website will be updated on a quarterly basis.